Mupesa Solomon

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You've had them, I've had them and hopefully you delete them. I'm talking about those scamming letters from some African dictatorship country pleading for assistance to liberate Millions of dollars from the country. What do you get from it - a percentage (normally about 10%) of the funds. Sounds too good to be true ? Well it is - wake up and smell the coffee.

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Steve Thompson is not my real name, he's a name I came up with whilst listening to a Stevie Ray Vaughan LP and looking through a copy of a Thomsons Directory. Both Arthur and Brooke who play a starring role have since moved on and are doing what they were trained for - guiding people with impaired vision.

Thanks to Steve Nicol (Motorhead) for this one..


Many thanks to the guys at www.teamsaluki.com Your local UAE Desert Rally Team without whom the pic's would not be available.



Please get back to me in this email
address(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ) and also get to
with your private email.



Forgive my indignation if this message comes to you as a surprise and may offend your personality for
contacting you without your prior consent and writing through this channel.I got your name from the internet
database.though i was divinely inspired to pick your name among other names found in the database.After
series of prayers/fasting.i was divinely directed to contact you.I believe that God has a way of helping
who is in problem and nobody on earth was born without problem.Every problem have a divine solution.

In a brief I AM SOLOMON MUPESA ,Son to Ndoga Mupesa of Chiweshe ward in Muzarabani,
Mashonaland Central province, who was allegedly killed in cold blood on 5th April 2001 by alleged Zanu PF
militias and war veterans for supporting the (Mr Morgan Tsvangirai) Movement for Democratic Change, an
opposition party to the tyranny government of President Mugabe.As the tension climaxed,I was able
to escape to a nearby farm .I was there untill the tension gets down before i decided to move to Dubai,
United Arab Emirates in Middle East.Before my Father death as if he saw what is going to happen in his
life,he handed over to me all the documents of money he deposited with a private security company attach to
south africa embassy in Dubai,United Arab Emirates as personal effect in disguise amounting to $10, Million
United states dollars.I have decided to leave my country due to threats on my life and my family by
Mugabe governement agents.I want you to come down to Dubai,United Arab Emirates to assist me move
this fund out of United Arab Emirates for my Life investment in your country .the follwing agreement;

1.To keep this transaction confidential it deserves.

2.To assist me invest my share of the fund into a viable business venture as i have little or no
knowledge on where to invest this huge sum of money.

3.To assist me and travel with you immediately this fund is out to where you wish for the sharing of the
fund according to the agreed percentages and invest my share.

4.To present yourself as the bonafide owner of the fund so that there will
be no trace of the movement of the fund From Africa to Dubai here as all the
arrangement to make the changes with the security company has been arranged.

5. You will be transparent, honesty and diligence and will not be greed to divulge from the original
percentage offered to you thereby requesting for increase which might lead try to sit on the funds
once it is under your custody, or you try to blackmail me so you can take the money alone.

6.Your percentage for your assistance will be 30_ while 65_ will be for me
and 5_ will be set aside to defray any incidental charges we may incurr in the course of the
transaction.This transaction is 100_ risk free but need utmost secrecy and confidentiality due
to my condition in my country now.For quick reference on how my Father was brutally killed.please

If you are interested to assist me.please respond immediately for more detailed information.

God Bless

Yours sincerely

Solomo Mupesa

 !    419 Scam

Some background on the African 419 Scam which is named after the Nigerian Penal code which the crime goes against.

Met Police

National Crime Intelligence Service

The more people who know about the scam the better as it will be less chance that they will scam some money out of somebody





This is the typical sort of letter that you may receive in your email.

The xxxx replaces the original email address

Sunday 20th April 2003 17:45


I read your note with interest and would like to assist wherever I can. I too believe in the power of god - what better day to work for the lord on correcting evil than on Easter Sunday.

The cruelness that you have already suffered with the untimely loss of your father is surely too much for a single man to cope with. Its a times like these that the Lord helps the needy.

I understand the concern for secrecy but perhaps you can explain exactly what my role would be in this matter.

This is my personal email address as requested.

My your God go with you and I will pray for you this evening at church.

I await your reply.

S. (Arthur) Thompson.










Nice Dave Allen touch there...(if you don't know who Dave Allen is don't worry...read on)


You may have noticed that I've changed my name slightly. I've done this so I can still use the passport photo that I made earlier but thought I'd give my current dog a chance to wind them up.

Ladies and Gentlemen - please meet Arthur.


I originally chose the name Steve Thompson a while ago when I needed a name to setup a dummy email account. I happened to be listening to a Stevie Ray Vaughan Lp at the time and there was a copy of the Thomson directory on my desk at the time. Voila, one new NOM DE PLUME..

Of course my real name is not Steve Thompson - that would be stupid..... Arthur just happened to be a Guide dog we were looking after for a while.

Sunday 20th April 2003 18:25

DEAR Thompson,

Thanks for your response to my humble request for assistance,i appreciate your readiness to assist

I only want to front you as my late fathers foreign business partner and beneficiary of this consingment,with this kindly furnish me with the followings.

1.your private tel/ fax numbers, with all this i will send to you the deposite certificate issued on the
day of deposite. I am only 27,i have in confidence taken you to be my guardian,please don't betray me if
this money comes into your account because it is the only legacy left for me to continue with life.i hope
to join you in your country immediately this money is release to continue with my education while you
will help me to invest with this money wisely and you being the trustee.Please sir try to hesting it up
because the demurage chages will not be accumuleting so much and remember that your presence is needed here in Dubai so please try to check the Air line that we be easy for you to come here.

Please assist me in any way you deem fit and God the great rewarder must surely reward you.try and
understand my condition and make it urgent as i am stranded here without any help.

Thanks and God bless.



Well he's quick off the mark... And he's changed email address's also - now using a @yahoo.com address so that his original one - when stopped won't affect further communication with other potential victims.



Looks like I'll have to get some telephones setup again on Tuesday (Bank Holiday in the UK on Monday) Me - betray anyone - yeh right...


hesting ? Oooo looks like I'll be going to Dubai - I'll have to get someone I know to pay him a visit if possible.





Easter Monday 21st Apr 10:17am


I prayed for you last night at our Easter service and for the loss of your father given these terrible conditions. Our thoughts are with you at this time.

I don't have a fax machine nor do I know anyone who does have one - will this cause problems - Is it not something that you can email to me as an attachment ?

I'm made some telephone calls this morning and had some answers but this being Easter Monday the Uk is generally closed so we can be thankful for the sacrifice that Jesus made for us with the exception of the invention of the devil - the DIY Superstore. I did however find out that several airlines fly to Dubai - British Airways have a daily flight it seems which seems to be reasonably priced (that and I would get some airmiles for it!).

Given the current climate of the world at this time - is Dubai a safe place to travel to given the war etc ?

Do you have an idea when you would like this transaction to take place as I would have to take time off work to assist you ?

On a different note - My daughter (aged 8) is currently doing a project at school on Africa and when I said I was emailing someone from Zimbabwe, Africa her eyes lit up. Do you have any brothers or sisters of her age she could communicate with (via email of course) as it would really please her.

Gods blessing to you on this Easter Monday






I do, but we'll see how desperate he is.



Airmiles ? See this for an obscure link





Me - with kids - I doubt it...Lets see if we can get some dialogue going....

Easter Monday 21st April 15:30

Dear Sir,

Please to read from you once more after reading your mail I feel like you are my father because that is how
he is giving me words of encouragement when he was alive your mail was understood about giving asking
some one about fax machine know problem I will send it to you through scanning so do not ask any body about
fax remember that this is confidential for security reasons.

I know that yesterday was Easter Sunday but can you imagine that one could not go to church do to this is
Arab country so please try to hasten it up so that I can go out from this country, about the weather
climate in Dubai it is okay for you to be here there is know problem in Dubai weather only that it is small
hot now but not much, about the war it not here in Dubai remember that this united Arab emirate is the
best Arab country in the world so they have know problem their security is 100% okay.

Please sir, try to hasten it up to be here by next week I will rely appreciate if you can be here before
the mouth run’s out so that I can regain life once more things are not easy for me here even to pay my
hotel bill I find it difficult to do so, abut your daughter I don’t have any one in her age but tell her
to email me if she will like that know problem I will be happy write with her.

Sir please try your best to assist me as urgent as you can and remember that this is secret for security
purpose, I will like you to know this am giving you 100% risk free in this transaction so feel free to
assist me in this.

Please sir when my late father deposited this box to the security company he paid them some money and
promise to pay the balance at the time of collection so please sir I will like you to help me pay the
balance to the security company so that they will release the box to us, remember that as soon as we
receive this money we are going to transfer to your account in your country for investment purpose. Please
try to call me with this number + 971 50 xxxxxxxx for more discussion and will like to hear your voice

Looking forward to hear positive reasons from you.

Thanks and God bless you and your family.






His father - me with kids and now a son I didn't know about - Jeez I'm getting worried. If anyone understands this paragraph can you let me know what he means. My take is he is going to send me the docs via email.

Well the weather seems fine in Dubai (didn't mention the sand storms last week that Des Dog told me about. though)


Next week - he's pushing it a bit isn't he.


100% risk free - oh yes since when.


Ah - we're coming down to the crunch.


The number looks like a Dubai Mobile phone but with GSM roaming he/she could be anywhere.



Tuesday 22 Apr 14:00

Well I gave Solomon a telephone call to confirm my suspicions. It took forever to answer but yes he is of African origin. He's also a mumbler - I had to ask him a couple of times to repeat himself - especially when it came to the crucial bit - how much money he's trying to scam out of me.

He first of all started complaining that living in Dubai is very very expensive - well it bloody would be if you were living in a hotel (see bold text above). He wants me to get there asap to enable this transaction to be complete with the least amount of time. I might try and wrap this one up by Sunday because after that I'll be out of touch for a week or so with no access to the Internet (Angola doesn't have great web access).

He came fairly quickly to the point though (through his mumblings) - His "father" had paid the security company $19,000 USD of the total $36,000 USD before he was "cruely killed". This leaves the sum of $17,000 USD (about 10,500) that he would like me to pay to get his cases out. Of course it has to be in cash and has to be paid by him as he is the next of kin. I'll enquire about getting a power of attorney as he had mentioned previously. I could bring UKPounds as its easy to get it converted to cash in Dubai.

He then asked my age (which is about the only truth he's getting from me) and he now thinks of me as his father...Oh dear - what have I done - I've given birth to an African !! What will the wife think when I tell I've got a coloured son !!!





Des Dog suggests I should try and weave this into the conversation somewhere...

Solomon Grundy,
Born on a Monday,
Christened on a Tuesday,
Married on a Wednesday,
Took ill in Thursday,
Worse on Friday,
Died on Saturday,
Buried on Sunday,
This is the end
Of Solomon Grundy.

Sounds like a challenge to me. :)

Tues 22 Apr 17:15

Dear Sir,

After our telephone discussion you promise to write me
but I have not hear from you so please try to get back
to me.

Thanks and God bless.




Whilst I'm typing the note below this came in - obviously keen to keep in touch..

Tues 22 Apr 17:31


It was such a pleasure to put a voice to the name when I spoke to you earlier today. I would have tried to make contact with you yesterday but it being Easter Monday I was busy with my church celebrating the resurrection of Christ our Lord. I too was Born on a Monday.

I've made enquiries to my bank about what in UK pounds $17,000 equates to and they've advised that its 10,777 !! I've got sufficient funds to cover this and they're currently getting sufficient US Dollars in to convert it. They think they should have all the Dollars in by Friday lunchtime I've never had so much cash in my hands at one time.

I've enquired with British Airways about flights for Saturday and they've got one travelling on Saturday (BA 0107 arriving at 22:30) which I got for the unbelievable price of 208.30 !! Which I thought given the late booking was an excellent price.

Can you make the necessary booking for hotel accommodation as you promised and advise where it is so I will know where to go. Or do you want to meet me upon arrival in Dubai as it would put me more at ease in a strange country.

One concern I have is that given the late arrival of the flight and that its at the weekend I will miss going to church on Sunday. Can you advise if there are any Church of England communities that I could attend on Sunday morning to give thanks to the Lord ? If its within walking distance from the hotel perhaps you could show me where it is on the way from the airport to the hotel ?

What type of clothes should I bring to wear - what kind of weather has it been recently in Dubai.

Whilst I trust that everything is in order as a believer in the Lord would not betray another, you may understand that I'm travelling to a strange country arriving late at night with a case full of cash my concern is that all I have is your word. Given the circumstances of the above and the security companies requirement that they deal only with the next of kin is there anything that you can do to provide me with some form of security that would provide me with a level of comfort over this transaction. Something like providing me with the power of attorney or at least a copy of the certificate of deposit for the goods. You had promised you would send the documents as an attachment but as yet I've not received any.

My telephone number as promised is +44 207 xxx xxxx..

I'll keep you advised on my progress with the bank.

May your God go with you.








Yes - what an amazing price for flights - 87 economy class - going on Saturday, coming back next Saturday... get them while you can.

Getting him to meet me at the airport would give Des Dog the possibility of spotting him - especially if he's got a sign for me.


Me - Church of England, nope - Church of Scotland I am..or I was the last time I went I was.

Checking up on Des Dog's note about the sand storms last week in Dubai. (For those that don't know - Des Dog lives in Dubai....)

Tuesday 22 Apr 19:45

Dear Sir,

Pleased to hear that you are man of God I know that God do his own things according to his wish and am
happy to hear that you were born on Monday, and thanks for your urgent enquired in your bank I rely
appreciate that and hope they will finish with it as soon as possible, about the hotel that you will stay I
know a very good hotel here that you are going to stay and I will send their number to you by tomorrow and I
will also go their to make booking for you about welcoming you in the airport I will be their to take
you to the hotel know problem.

About the church there are many good churches you will attend but the problem is they do not worship on
Sundays, as you know that this is Arab country, about the weather is hot here so you are suppose to fear
light suite.

As promise am still going to send to you the deposit certificate by tomorrow so please feel free and
believe that all is done remember that with faith all is done about coming in in the airport the hotel
people may come to the airport to pick you or I may come to pick you up so believe that all is well with

Sir, I still tell you this am not going to betray you am giving you 100% risk free in this transaction so
feel free and hope on the lord all is done as promise I will be sending you the deposit certificate by
tomorrow, keep on praying to God so that he will see us through in this.

Please I will like you to send to me some verse of bible were I will read and I will like you to pray for
me much that you do before so and I will like you to call me as soon as you receive this mail for more

My regards to your daughter

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks and God bless.






Does this mean he's meeting me or is the hotel picking me up. Have to get him to collect me.


I've scared of a light suite ? My suite is Dark Blue...


Yeh yeh - sure...




Bible quotes...mmm some good ones here...The meek shall inherit the earth....or The time is coming (Jeremiah 31:31)....

Tues 22 Apr 20:10


Thank you for your quick response to my questions and concerns.

Thank you for your assistance in booking the hotel, a single room would be ideal as I'm travelling myself - obviously I'll collect the bill myself. It would great assistance if you could meet me at the airport and take me to the hotel - I'm a bit funny when it comes to new places and its nice to be re-assured with someone I've communicated with. I look forward to meeting you at the airport.

I had heard that Arabic countries use different days for things than other parts of the world. Common sense when you know why, for instance most people I know were Christened on a Sunday - I myself was Christened on a Tuesday. Each to his own. Which day do the churches generally celebrate our Lord ?

Thanks for the tip on the light clothing - I saw some article on the news recently about sand storms in Iraq - do you get them in Dubai ?

Bible verses - I normally have one quoted on the end of my email but generally keep them switched off until I get to know the person and they have an understanding of the work of the Lord. I will pray for you this evening.

My Daughter sends her best wishes.

May your God go with you.


Hebrews 4:12 - For the word of God is living and active. Shaper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.








Two down and its only day one of the challenge...


Lets again check if he's actually in Dubai




Remember - Arthur is the Dog above. He's learned to type as well as learning to guide blind people about - He's a clever dog.


I thought this was quite an apt phrase. If you want to find more just stick in Classic Bible verses into any search engine.

Wed 23rd April 11:00

Dear Sir,

Please open your attachment and see the deposit
certificate that was issue to my late father at the
time he made the deposit, I will write you back and
explain better about Dubai.

Please try to call me as soon as you receive this

Thanks and God bless.


















Oooo it looks legal enough - I do love the way that the passport field has been left blank





Safe Keepping ?


This is untouched from my email - note how the money values have recently been added and are in a different font..

I also love the official stamp in the corner !!

Des Dog also points out how they spell Customer. Perhaps is a clothes shop..

Wed 23rd April 15:31

Dear Sir,

Please to read from you once more after reading your mail I understood that God is living with both us,
about the Iraq storms here in Dubai is okay for any body in this world there is know problem and they even
treat their visitors fine so believe me am telling you the truth you will see when you come here and their
security is very good.

About the church here they worship on Fridays here that is when will use to attend church so hope you
understood this, yes I promise to meet you at the airport there is know problem, sir I will like you to
buy one wrist watch for me so that I will give one of the officer that is helping me any time I go their as
I promise him that at the time of collection that I will give him a gift so try to get one good watch for

I try to call you yesterday but you are not their to receive the call so I drop message hope you receive
it, thanks for the verse you send to me I rely appreciate that God bless for that, try to see that
you pray very well for and your self so that every thing will move according to God wishes and remember
to keep this confidential.

My regards to your little daughter

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks and God bless.





God better not be living with me, if he is - he's not currently paying rent. Sounds like Dubai is a nice place to live, as they treat their visitors fine and the security is very good. And yes Des Dog - that is an actual airfare from BA !!! get them while you can on British Airways

Oooo a watch as a gift - yeh right !!! Wonder how greedy he actually is.

I did pick up a message on the voicemail, he mumbled something and then something about remaining confidential...Do you think he's concerned about getting caught ?





Wed 23rd April 18:30


Thank you for your words of comfort - especially about the people and lifestyle of Dubai. You make it sound like a wonderful place to visit giving consideration to all nationalities and faiths.

I plan on spending some time in Dubai while there if that is okay - to see the people, the culture and what sights they have to visit. I've heard very little about the place and would be enlightened to know about some places worthy of a visit. If I'm still in Dubai by Friday I would like to visit one of the Churches.

How will I recognise you at the airport - a sign with my name on it is probably the best idea, unless you have a photograph which would enable me to locate you. Is Dubai Airport large ?

With regard to the watch for the officer - have you any particular style or model that you would like me to bring. The large choice and of course price of watches make this a hard decision, only you know what assistance the officer has had helping you. They range from inexpensive 20 models to Cartier and Rolex models. Looking on the web may be the best way to show me the exact watch you would like just send me the link for the make and model number you would like the officer to recieve and I'll sort it out in the next day or two prior to Saturdays travel. Do you need anything else taken out with me ?

I was out when you called, I did however get your message, we were doing the final touches for a friend whose getting Married on a Wednesday. We were at the church making sure everything was in place for today - I'm pleased to say it all went lovely.

My daughter sends her love.

May your god go with you.


Psalm 45:16
Your sons will take the place of your fathers; you will make them princes throughout the land.






Tour the sites of Dubai - Longs bar, the Dhow and Anchor etc...

Can we get him to stand there with a sign waiting for Arthur Thompson and can Des Dog get a photo of him doing it !!

I myself prefer the Gold Cartier Santos but we'll see which one he prefers and how much of a greedy bugger he is.



Three down - four to go !!

Thurs 24th April 11:19

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your mail once more I rely appreciate reading your mails, about place to visit in Dubai they
have a very good place were you can visit, if you we be here till Friday I will like to go to my church
with you I worship at Pentecostal church and I know that you will like they way they preach.

About how to know you in the airport as soon as you start boarding in your country you will call me and
tell me what you are wearing and I will tell you and you will also tell send the flight schedules to so
that I will know the exact time that you will arrive and before you stamp out from the airport you will
call me so that I will be their to be seeing you, about Dubai airport it is a little bit large.

About the watch I will like you to get a very good and original watch for him like, Rolex, Rado, omega, or
citizen just get any one of this ones, about my self I will like you to get a very good bible for me the
one am using here is small one so please try to get one good bible for me.

I thank you for the verse of the bible you are giving to me so please try to call me as soon as you receive
this mail.

My regards to your daughter.

Thanks and God bless






Sounds like Dubai has only one nice place.

Is this one of the Blues Brothers type churches ? Thats the kind I like...

I'll be wearing a Trilby and Plus Fours and be wearing a carnation in my lapel. Don't like the sound of this - we'll see what we can do to change his mind.

Rolex - the greedy bastard and the Rado are just damned ugly. Trust me Solomon Cartier Santos is the way to go.


Well I can't be bothered talking to him today - I'll call him tommorow with news of the watch.

Thurs 24th April 19:40


Apologies, I did not have time to call you today, I Took ill on Thursday. I'm feeling a little better this evening and hopefully will be back to normal health tommorow.

I've been to the bank today and collected the money. I've never had so much money in my hand at once. The bank teller who converted the money to Dollars enquired what I was doing with such an amount of Dollars and I gave her a story about buying some terrible American Jeep and the money had to be in cash. I will pray for forgiveness this evening.

I even took some photographs of the money as it seems such a strange sight. I've just learned how to send attachments on email so God willing there will be once here of the money on my desk. I know my desk is rather cluttered and one day I must tidy it. I'll just have to keep this safe until my flight on Saturday evening.

Dubai sounds like such a wonderful place - I'm looking forward to it. My daughter (Rohan) wants me to bring her back something thats uniquely Arab - perhaps you'd be so kind to give it a thought on what I could bring her back.

I would like to experience the Pentacostal church preachings on Friday if thats possible. Should I bring something for the church as a visitor ?

My flight details are as follows.
Cut and pasted from my confirmation email.

Heathrow to Dubai, United Arab Emirates BA0107 Economy (Traveller) Sat 26 April 2003, 12:30 Sat 26 April 2003, 22:30

I will call you on Saturday with details of clothes, I however I may change my shirt enroute but I will keep the same trousers. I'm actually colour blind so I have problems recognising different colours which is why the sign with ARTHUR written on it is best (just don't make it Yellow writing on a green card or I'll never see it!) I don't have a mobile phone on which to call you upon arrival.

Thanks for the information on which watch to get - I was looking today at a Jewellers window whilst they were still collecting the money and there certainly is a wide range. I will try and get nice watch for him.
My church does speciality bibles which are really nice - I will purchase one for you (this helps the starving people of Maidstone also) they are about 8" in height and lovely bound.



Jeremiah 29:13
You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.





Look at that - straight in with the challenge on the first line....




The first email I sent him did not contain the money photo.

Rohan ? Well there was a Rohan catalogue on my desk at the time - good clothes but they really should make their Moleskin trousers again.






Lets try and change him around...only excuse I could think of at the time.


Yeh - right...

We people in Maidstone are starving...send aid...quick.

Thurs 24th April 19:40

I sent him this...lets see how he responds...



Okay I didn't have much time with Photoshop but its of relatively poor image quality so we'll see if he picks up on it. And yes I know my desk is untidy.

Friday 24th April 14:00

Dear Sir,

Thanks for all the effort that you are putting to see me through in this transaction and I pleased to hear
fro you once more, am sorry about you illness and I pray that every will be well with you.

Thanks for your effort to see that you bring the money out from the bank I rely appreciated that, yes I
receive the attachment with the money been pictured thanks for that, yes I will help you bring some thing
to (Rohan) about bringing some thing to the church if you wishes know problem. About your flight time is it
in GMT time I will like you to ask they the time in Dubai time?

About calling me upon arriving they have a free telephone there before they stamp you out you will
call me from inside airport, happy to hear that you will get the watch and the bible I rely appreciate

I will also told you what I will wear as soon as you call me on Saturday, my regards to (ROHAN) tell her
that I sent my greetings to her.

Thanks and God bless.





ooooohh I'm feeling unwell....I am actually today but thats a different story..


Bloody hell - I've told him twice now.


Might have to get Des Dog to make some calls



Friday 24th April 18:30


Thank you for your kind words on my illness, however I felt much Worse on Friday. I'm hoping I feel better before travelling tommorow.

My flight time arrives at 22:30 Dubai time I'm advised by British Airways.

I will call you from the telephone inside the airport.

I've got a watch for the officer today - its a Rado Diastar which they were doing on a special promotion - I got it down to 950. I hope this is sufficient a gift for the officer. I thought it better looking than some of the others on your list - its certainly more stylish. I picked up your bible from the church this morning.

I will call you when before I board the plane tommorow from Heathrow.

May your god go with you.


Jeremiah 29:11 - 13

For I know the plans I have for you, "declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.














I did like this verse - especially the first part. :)


I forgot to ask him about the hotel so sent him this two minutes after the one above


Can you confirm that my hotel is booked ? I'd hate to travel all this way and not have a hotel booking. Can you advise which hotel it is..

God Bless



Sat 26th April 12:00

Well I called him as I was waiting in the lounge area of airport, he asks me whether I got his email that he sent this morning. Well I didn't as he sent it at 09:45 which by rights I would have had to leave my house at about 09:00 to get to the airport in time for the flight. How stupid is that !!!

Anyway so I said I might try and check the email from the terminals here in the airport. He advises me its about my hotel information. (Thinks to myself - why would he send me hotel information at the last minute ? Does he plan on being there tonight ? )

I'm out and about fixing a friends (Stephanie's) computer so I logon to check what he's sent...



Sat 26th April 09:45

Dear Sir,

Pleased to hear from you once more, about your illness as soon as you have faith every thing is okay with you
because bible made us to understand that with faith that you can move mountain, but I will still pray for
you more than before.

Thanks so much for the watch you buy and the bible you get for me, about the hotel I have booked it, you have
know problem it is very good hotel that you can stay the name of the hotel is;


Deira Dubai

TEL +971 04 2710555

Fax + 971 04 2730044

You can even call them if you what but I promise every thing is okay so am looking forward to see you today.
My regards to (rohan) till I see you .

Thanks and God bless







Yeh - right..




Must be a high class hotel - I can't find it on the web - if you know better let me know.





Sat 26th April 12:15

I call him back to say that the terminals are down (any excuse) he then starts telling me the number of the hotel to phone and confirm the booking - I give him and excuse that we're boarding and I've got to go which seems to pacify him.


Sat 26th April 13:30

I'm back home so I call Des Dog - and fill him in on the details. Des Dog and Streaky and probably Paul are heading up to the airport tonight to check it out. Putting it into the words of Des Dog......

I suspect that he wants you to call him prior to the immigration so he can have a look at you as you come through. He will most likely be standing on the balcony overlooking the immigration area. Once he spots you he will meet you at the meeting area after you clear customs. Based on what he's asking you to do, I very much doubt whether he will have a sign - I would imagine that he would just sidle up to you and put you in a car with all his country folk, take you to the desert, give you a good rogering and nick your cash.

Streaky and I will be there - Streaky needs a rogering and I need the cash!

So there we have it...I'm currently on a flight to Dubai, wearing my light coloured trousers and blue shirt and I'll be looking for Solomon wearing his black jeans and black jumper with stripes on it.

We'll see how this one progresses. I'm out for a meal tonight so if you want to see any updates until its been posted in the morning have a look here where there may be an update.


Sunday 27th April 19:06

Well Des Dog and Streaky headed up to Dubai airport last night, no problems for them - They're on a mission from God. Oh its so nice having contacts all over the place..

I'll let Des Dog describe what went on...

Mission on!!! Streaky and I stopped off at Dubliners for a couple of beers whilst we waited for Arthur’s plane to land at 10:30 pm. It actually landed at 10.17 so we walked up to the observation deck overlooking immigration to see if we could see our new best friend Mr. Solomon.

We spotted a black and white shirt on a very tall guy surrounded by a group of henchmen. Was this the one? Was this Solomon who was going to scam us? What about his group of henchmen? Will we be accosted? Will we survive the night? We managed to take this photograph (flash off) and stood back to watch. Solomon 1 really was much taller than we expected! Could be real trouble here…

After a few minutes we decided that it was time to call Mr. Solomon and tell him that Arthur was in the tunnel prior to immigration. I asked Streaky to watch Solomon 1 to see if he answered his mobile. As I approached the pay phones, another tall dark gentleman (Solomon 2) was hanging around the booths looking very suspicious. The pay phone was not a coin operated one, but card operated – I didn’t have a card so I blagged the use of the nearby cafeteria Manager’s phone card – the manager started to dial the number for me – in the meantime, Solomon 2 had started to use the booth right next to the one that I was using! Uh oh… would he suspect that it was me dialing him!? What would I do if he turned around and looked me in the eye?!

The phone was answered by the Mr. Solomon who asked me where I was (thankfully Solomon 2 was chatting to someone else) – I told him that I was just before immigration and asked him what he was wearing. “Black trousers and black and white polo shirt” was the answer… “just walk out of the exit and I will find you”, he said.

I put the phone down and turned to see Solomon 1 coming down the steps with Sherlock (ie Streaky - sporting the brightest rugby shirt in existence) in tow. “Did he pick up his phone?” asked I. “No, but his mate did” was the answer. This had got to be our man. Streaky and I wandered outside, with Solomon 1’s vultures in tow, circling to trap Arthur and his briefcase of cash. Solomon 1 was not African though, so a few seeds of doubt were cast and finally Solomon 1 was discarded because he was of Arabic origin.

At the exit we spotted an African gentleman with a black and white shirt… this had got to be him, so Streaky stood next to him and watched him looking for Arthur, while I circled around taking the photo’s.


(aplogies for the photo quality - it's difficult taking surreptitious photos without a flash!)

Time ticked on and Solomon was looking at his watch, approaching a couple of gents with blue shirts, but with no luck – they were not ‘Arthur’.

I then circled around and got this shot of him. We passed some idle chit-chat with him about immigration and customs and confirmed that this was indeed the voice that I heard on the phone. Bingo! We were in the money – so to speak!

We left it another few minutes and decided to go in for the big one! We asked him if he would take a photo of the two of us while we waited for our friend to come through. What a nice bloke, he said no problem… we had to ask him to remove his finger from the lens…. he waited so long this female came wandering across the view…! BUT… we got the result – Streaky and Des Dog being photographed by Mr. Solomon Mupesa!!! :)

We decided enough was enough – it was getting late – so Streaky and I left him waiting and fretting and went off for a beer! Poor Mr. Solomon – he could not have known what happened to Arthur. Was he kidnapped? Did he slip and fall and end up in the local hospital? Or was he arrested for carrying copious amounts of cash in this war torn zone???

So, Dear Readers, it is now up to you to decide the fate of Solomon… he obviously left the airport and is now sitting at home wondering what the hell happened!

Was Arthur arrested and should Arthur call him tomorrow saying that he is in jail and needs Solomon to stand witness as to Arthur’s integrity?


Does anyone recognise him ?






Many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, thanks must go to Des Dog, and Streaky for venturing out that late (22:30) to Dubai Airport so we could get a glimpse on what an African Scammer actually looks like.


































Streakys in front and to the right of "Soloman" - this looks outside with the cap on.
















Spot Streaky (bad taste orange shirt) sneaking in on Solomon.




Fuzzy picture - probably due to the guys laughing so much at someone so stupid. He's certainly keen to meet me - he's the third person outside arrivals.
































Our intrepid heros blend into the background with their disguises..









What's next in the tale of Mr Solomon....you decide on the link on the left.















(Saturday 3rd May)...from Captain Sensible Desert Corps (one of the guys in the UAE)

My contact in Abu Dhabi police has passed me details of the correct contact in Dubai Police who have jurisdiction in this interesting little case. I spoke with him not 5 minutes ago and he is going to chat with a few other interested parties and let us know how to proceed tomorrow morning.....

keep watching.......


May 17th 2003 19:20


Over the next week or so - I had several emails in from him asking to get in contact.

Dear sir,

how is life to you i have not hear from you so please
try your best to write me so that i will know the
situation on your side i have not be able to sleep
well so please write me now and tell me what i will do

thanks and God bless.


All of which I opted to ignore for the sake of Dubai CID supposedly doing what they're paid to do - stop theives.

Its now May 17th and I've heard nothing so I've decided to put it back on air.


Sun 18th May 07:10


I have been through hell - I died on Saturday.
Just after I called you when I arrived- I was walking through customs when two customs officials asked if they could inspect my cases. Of course I complied, and they started asking me lots of questions about what the money was for etc. I was vague enough to deter their repeated questions saying it was part of a business transaction. They then called over a supervisor who repeated the questions and gestered for me to follow them. The two officials then picked up my cases and the supervisor took me by the arm and escorted me to a small room where they interviewed me for three hours.

They repeated the same questions - What was the money for, how many times had I been to Dubai before, what the watch was for etc. This really worried me. Since I had given you my word on trust about this matter I refused to comment on our transaction - I just repeated it was for a business venture.

They queried the watch and what it was for - they seemed to think it strange that I was bringing a watch into Dubai for some reason. The police were called, my passport was taken from me and I was escorted to a location somewhere in the city. I later found out it was the central intelligence department. I was held here for ten days - I was allowed a telephone call a day - so I made it to my family to let them know what was happening. I persisted in saying that the money was for a small business transaction I was working on. I initially thought that they believed me - I don't like lying to anyone so I prayed each day for gods forgiveness. I'm sure he saw me through this period.

I ended up staying in cells - sharing with two other people - an Indian called Sanjiv and a Nigerian called Ladi who were being processed for deporting. Myself and Ladi took solice in the bible I had brought to you - the police/CID were kind enough to let me keep it.

On the 4th or 5th day they started showing me pictures of people of all nationalities but mostly African in nature. They had about 10 photographs and repeatedly showed them to me asking did I recognise any of them - I did not. About day 6 they reduced the number of photos to 3 (of the same people as before). I still new nothing. They continued asking about the money.

On the second last day they had narrowed the picture down to 1 and kept asking did I recognise the person, I'm sure they were trying to trick me into admitting that I knew the person. On the last day my counsel (Roger DeCabin) from the British Embassy visited (as he had done every day) - he advised me that I was to be deported back to the UK and that because I could not given them a valid enough reason for the money it was to be confiscated due to them believing it was all part of a scam of some sort. The watch was also to be confiscated - I got to keep the bible. Since then I've been in discsussions with the British Authorities about the incident and have been helping the British Police with their inquiries. The British police showed me the same bunch of photographs and got the same answer - I did not recognise anyone. They did let me take a copy (which I got through my attorney) of the one picture that the Dubai CID kept showing me. I've scanned it in.

If this is you - I have no idea where the photograph was taken but if I was you - I would believe that they are looking to get you for something that they believe you have done. I was afraid - very afraid and I was innocent - if this is you I would be very very afraid as the Dubai CID believe that you are up to no good.

May your God help you in this matter


Monday 19th May 07:00

Dear Sir,

Your mail was read with a lot of tears please and please am sorry for all you got through and am still
telling that am who I say I am so believe me or not, but let me know what is it for now how about the money
are you with or they talk it from you I have been praying and fasting on your behalf telling God to show
me the answer of what happen to you before you write me now so please I don’t have much money to write now because things are very hard for me here since I can not get that box from the company so try to call me
and let me ask you some things to see if I can do any thing so please call me. How about your daughter hope
she is okay?

Looking forward to hear from you.



He actually has the audicity to reply asking for me to give him a call. I just might..

He has also left me a message in my voicemail saying that I should call him - and that everything he's telling me is the truth. Maybe I've screwed up a business deal that would have made me rich beyond my wildest dreams....then again maybe I'm just messing with a scammer. You be the judge.

Tuesday 20th May 20:00


If you think that there was a lot of tears in Dubai, you should have seen the amount of tears that went on here. I had to explain to the family that firstly I had got deported from Dubai, secondly that I had not returned with the money as it was confiscated and thirdly our dog was Buried on Sunday. All in all a terrible time.

The police here are in communication with Dubai police and it seems they have come to some arrangement. As they have agreed that the money and the watch should have been returned to their rightful owner instead of being held in Dubai. However the predicament we have is that I am banned from travelling to Dubai to collect the money. In a final attempt to save our transaction- over the last day or two the police have agreed that the money can be given to someone who collects it directly from the police station. I've said that I would contact my business contact and see what he thinks - I'm asking you. The Police say this is above board and legally the only avenue open to them since I cannot travel to collect.

They've said I can name someone on my behalf to collect it. They made it clear that no action would be taken on the individual collecting the case. That person would need to verify themselves at the police station and ask for a high ranking officer (They've done it this way to remove the normal police officers from finding out about their error of keeping the goods). If you're in agreement I'll tell the police that you will collect. What name can we use just in case they're intrigued by this - obviously they have asked for proof of ID - will your passport suffice ?

Let me know what you think and may God go with you.












If you were Solomon and had the chance of picking up everything from a police station and walking away scot free would you do it. Bear in mind that he knows the police might be onto him from the pictures.....One to ponder over a cup of tea I think...

Wednesday 21st May 19:35

Dear Sir,

Pleased to hear a good news from you about the police release the money I have pray and prayed over asking
God to come and show his wonders in this situation, so I understood your mail about going to collect the fund
from the police but I will like you to know my condition here in Dubai as I told that even my agent don’t know why am here, so please the best way we can do is to inform the embassy so that one of them can go
for it and collect the money and pay it into your account so please hope you will understand that is the
best way you can by informing the embassy.

Am sorry for all the incorvineses this may curse in your family so please am sorry because you are trying
to help the needy I know that God will surely bless you abundantly so please try to pray more on this
situation so that God will take care of every thing.

So try to contact the embassy for this and get back to me, looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks and God bless.







He doesn't want to go to the police station does he.... I wonder what will persuade him...

Thurs 22nd May 15:30


I've spoken to the police who seem unable to assist. I've also spoken to the Diplomatic Service in the UK to see if their Embassy could assist, but I guess quite rightly they don't want to be involved in any business transaction - they said they could only offer advice.

The police again reconfirmed that it was a straight forward process and even identified the Police Chief who's currently holding the money - a Brigadier Dhahi Khalfan. It seems he's a trusted officer of the Police and is holding it awaiting collection. They've also made it clear that if its not collected within 30 days it will be distributed to good causes as they can't hold onto it indefinitely. I can see no other way of getting the money from them as I cannot get there myself. This is the end of any chance of completing our transaction.

I pray to God for your assistance in this matter.







The Brigadier is I beleive the head honcho of the Dubai Police...

Thurd 22nd May 18:30

Dear Sir,

Pleased to hear from you again so please I have told you my condition and how I came to Dubai and I will
not like to be in a position were by people will come and know because they are trying to kill me and
remember that you are the only that knows about me so I will not like you to exposes me to other people so
try to tell them to give the money to your embassy here that you are not ready for the transaction so
they will collect the money and send it to you by western union, remember that the money is your money
and not my so there is know way they will not release the money according to you instruction so if you are
still going to help me tell them to give it to your embassy or send it to you direct then if you are still
interested we can proceed as soon as possible.

That is all I can say.

Looking forward to hear a positive response from you.

Thanks and God bless






Friday 23rd May 12:45


I've spoken again the Foreign Office here in the UK. They've confirmed that they're unable to assist with this matter. I cannot believe that they are unable to provide asssitance.The police are unable to assist with this apart from holding the cash for 30 days.

I plead with you for your assistance and collection of the money from the Chief Officer at the police. I said I would call my interface advisor at the foreign Office tommorow and let him know what my plan of action would be for my goods held by the Dubai police.

I thought and prayed Of Solomon Grundy last night at church and prayed that God would see me through this.

Please please please reconsider your position with regard to your position. I'm willing to take a small cut in my percentage if it helps swing your decision.







Well I can't see him going for the money, perhaps its about time this one was wrapped up - what do you think... ?

Friday 23th May 18:30

Dear Sir,

I in receipt of your mail and the content was well understood but you fail to understand my mails to you
am in need of your help as you are here for me and I know that all this happened when you were trying to
help me, but sir try to get me right my position here is very bad try your best to push the embassy so that
they we help in this case because I know that I can not go their, some of our relative are here in Dubai
try to get me kill and I know that they are here and they are trying to get me I have to be very careful
with my life you are the only one who I tell about my condition and now I don’t know if you what people to
know more about me, so please try to contact the embassy again and see what they will do or you send a
latter to the police to let them know that you can not be here since you are banned so they should help you
send your money to you.

Looking forward to hear from you.





Oh I do understand them, its just that you're not understanding mine are you....

Sunday 25th May 14:00

Dear sir,

I have not heard fro you for some days now so please
try to let me know if you have received the money from
the police.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks and God bless.





Well it is a Bank Holiday here in England.

Monday 26th May 17:00


I'm at my wits end with the authorities willingness to assist returning my property. The Foreign Office do not want to assist as they feel they have done their job in getting me deported from Dubai. The Police don't want to know as its not within their remit. I'm pulling my hair out. I'm begging you as my last hope of returning my money and the watch. I have no other contacts in Dubai I can use so I'm begging for your assistance. I prayed for the longest time ever yesterday seeking comfort from the Lord in my time of need.

If not you directly perhaps you should think of a trusted friend that you have in Dubai.? When you consider what I've gone through to assist you in your quest its the least you could do to aid me in my time of need.

My your God go with you.





If he doesn't want to respond then I'll wrap this one up.

Tues 27th May 20:31

Dear Sir,

I understand all you said and I will not go for that please try to understand my condition here I here with
visit visa not permanent so I can’t do that money is your money and the police knows that you will not
allowed to come to Dubai, I they stupid how do they think that you can get the money since you are ban
from coming to Dubai so they have to do what you ask them to do and it the right of the embassy to defend
their people so call the embassy again and ask for that as for me I can’t go their .

Thanks and God bless.





Reading between the gibberish it seems that no is the answer.

Tues 27th May 21:00


I must thank you for your conversation over the last month or so - its been, how shall I put it - fun.

You must admit though - you are not the son of Ndoga Mupesa, there never was $10,000,000 in funds and you never had a hope in hell of getting anything from me.

You are no better that Bob Mugabe himself, You are the lowest form of life imaginable - someone who will openly try to deceive another person out of what could be their life savings. Its just a pity that your in Dubai because I've got some contacts in Harare who would like to meet you personally for the bad name you're giving your country.

Just a couple of facts - your complete details and all the email correspondence have been provided to the CID in Dubai to Brigadier Dhahi Khalfan whom you'll be glad to know takes a keen interest in illegal persons living in their country. I believe deportation to country of origin is the norm in this case. The photographs were real and taken from surveillance footage shot at the airport as the CID are on to you.
You'll no doubt be expecting a visit from them shortly. I would say that your days are numbered.

I'm sorry to keep you waiting in Dubai airport for such a long period of time but thats the way these things go. You can't get anything for nothing now a days. You've got to put up with some grief and we all get some good fun from it.

Get a life before someone gets you. Scamming bastard.


P.S. Your obviously not a man of God so don't take his name in vain.




Well thats the end of it.


His email address is mupesasolomon@yahoo.com

and his Dubai mobile number is + 971 50 3434 372

I'll wait a day or so then send a note to abuse@yahoo.com to get his email cancelled.


Hope you enjoyed reading this one, I've certainly enjoyed writing it as well as winding him up.

Sun 15th Jun

Just as an update as this page seems to be doing the rounds at the moment....

I've been informed by Cinzia Miller whose in NY that if you call the number (above right) Solomon is still indeed alive and well living in Dubai. He even had the audacity to start ranting about not getting an email from her. So the ever thoughtful Solomon gives her his latest email address's.....Not that I would want you to do anything with them but they are

solomonmupesa.solomon@caramail.com and muzaraban@yahoo.com They may have already been cancelled.

You could wind him up about being a police detection unit checking his emails.... you could wind him up about anything you want...Just don't tell him about this site...

Give him a call and say hello... see if we can get his latest email address's



It continues.... Mon 21st July

This email was received by Solvej Vorster who forwarded it to me. Many Thanks..

Dear sir,

Thanks for your response to my humble request for assistance,i will appreciate your readiness to assist

I only want to front you as my late fathers foreign business partner and beneficiary of this consingment,with this kindly furnish me with the followings.

1.your private tel/ fax numbers, with all this i will send to you the deposite certificate issued on the day of deposite.
I am only 25,i have in confidence taken you to be my guardian,please don't betray me if this money comes into your account because it is the only legacy left for me to continue with life.i hope to join you in your country immediately this money is
release to continue with my education while you will help me to invest with this money wisely and you being the trustee.Please sir try to hesting it up because the demurage chages will not be accumuleting so much and remember that your presence is needed here in Dubai so please try to check the Air line that we be easy for you to come here.

Please assist me in any way you deem fit and God the great rewarder must surely reward you.try and understand my condition and make it urgent as i am stranded here without any help.

Thanks and God bless.



Can you believe my luck - I've got hold of his latest email address and I'm dangling my rod in front of his face again (this time using a different email address and different telephone numbers)


Does this look familiar ? See the third section above... Cut and paste directly except he's now only 25

Tues 22nd July


I received your email and am interested in what I can do to assist you.

Can you provide more details of what my involvement would be ?



Lets see if he's still biting...

This time, Brooke has taken over from Arthur.

This is Brooke -


Tues 22nd July

Dear sir,

Thanks for your response to my humble request for assistance,i will appreciate your readiness to assist

I only want to front you as my late fathers foreign business partner and beneficiary of this consingment,with this kindly furnish me with the followings.

1.your private tel/ fax numbers, with all this i will send to you the deposite certificate issued on the
day of deposite. I am only 25,i have in confidence taken you to be my guardian,please don't betray me if
this money comes into your account because it is the only legacy left for me to continue with life.i hope
to join you in your country immediately this money is release to continue with my education while you
will help me to invest with this money wisely and you being the trustee.Please sir try to hesting it up
because the demurage chages will not be accumuleting so much and remember that your presence is needed here
in Dubai so please try to check the Air line that we be easy for you to come here.

Please assist me in any way you deem fit and God the great rewarder must surely reward you.try and
understand my condition and make it urgent as i am stranded here without any help.

Thanks and God bless.


He's certainly using a Dubai IP address..

descr: Emirates Internet
descr: Public Internet Service
descr: Emirates Telecommunications Corporation
country: AE
admin-c: AH1223-RIPE
tech-c: SMA3-RIPE
tech-c: SAS88-RIPE
changed: sultan@uaenic.ae 20030617
source: RIPE

Those sharp-eyed people reading this will have noticed that this is exactly the same note that he sent in the first place. Idiot.

Tues 22nd July


You had already sent me this overview of what you want me to do. Can you be more specific on my role in this business deal ? What exactly do I have to do - e.g. receive goods, sign paperwork etc.

Once I have a clearer understanding of what you need me to do I will be able to either accept or decline your offer. At this time I will provide my number to allow you to contact me. Do you have a number I can call you on ?

As yet, I've not seen any figures mentioned - exactly how much money are we talking about here ?



Tues 22nd July

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your mail of today after reading your mail the content was well understood, sir about the money
that is involve the total amount is (ten million dollars) which was deposited in the security company
and when my late father deposited it he declared it as family valuables, sir the role I need you to play is
to help me bring out this box from the security and after that to help me invest this money in your
country a good business so this is what I need from you.

Sir please I will like you to call me with this number+971 xxxxxxx so that I can detail you more in
this transaction, and I will also like you to send your telephone number to me.

So please sir feel free and assist me in this am giving you 100% risk free in this transaction so try
to help me out.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks and God bless.








Yup - its a Mobile number in the UAE

Wed 23rd July


Thank you for filling me in on what my role would be - it seems much clearer

I'm in the UK and I know that Dubai is a few hours ahead (behind ?) us, can
you let me know how many hours difference there is as I would not like to
call you in the middle of the night. I will try and call you from my
office (that way the company pick up the bill and not my home phone).



Wed 23rd July

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your understanding sir, about the time different Dubai is four hours ahead UK so try to call
me any time from your office I will be available, so I am expecting your call.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks and God bless.



Thur 24th July

SUBJECT : Please Call Me Tonight with this number +971 5XXXXXXX

Dear sir,

Thanks for your information am expecting your call.





MMMMmmmm desperate or what....

Thursday night was busy for me as I'm going away for the weekend so no chance to keep up.

Fri 25th July

Dear Sir,

I have not hear from you or your call as you promise so please try to get to me and let me know your position, please sir, try to hasten it up so that I can come to join you please this country is very expenses to so please I find it difficult pay for my
hotel bill and some times to eat good food is problem to so please try to make it urgent.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks and God bless.




No chance of a reply tonight as I'm in a drunken stupor at my Mum's 60th Birthday and my Mum and Dad's retirement party.

I too find it difficult to find good food, for example the kebab I had on the way home from the party was decidedly dodgy.

Those of you who've read the whole story will know now that he's starting the pleading bit here....life is hard in Dubai - yeh right !! It was a good laugh when I was there last.

Tues 29th July

The sharp eyed people out there will note that I've not yet provided him with any contact telephone numbers for me. I wonder how long I can keep it like that..

I give in a give him a call - we chat for 10 minutes which was quite hard given the surroundings he was in - it sounded like he was in a restaurant as there was a lot of clanking of plates (do plates Clank ?). I called him at about 15:30 which would have been 18:30 local time.

The crux of the story is that he's having a hard life in Dubai, food is not good and he doesn't have enough money to pay the hotel bill. Dubai is very tight on security. He's got inside knowledge on whats in a trunk that came from his home land with $10 Million dollars. He's the only one that knows........If you've read the first notes you'll understand what the story is now.

He would like to have $7,500 to pay the fees on the consignment. Note this has dropped $10,000 from when we began this at the top of the page. I wonder if he is dropping his charges till he finds out what the market rate is for African Scammers?

I would probably have to travel to Dubai....(Des Dog and Streaky are you ready ?) to pay the money but after we've got the money I would be expected to assist him in coming to the UK to further his education and would expect me to be his guardian.

Aparantly the weather in Dubai is really really hot and he's got rashes all over his body. I thought he was from Zimbabwe - well he should be able to handle the heat..

I delayed him somewhat when I told him that $7,500 was an awful lot of money and I would have to check to see what I have in the bank before committing myself. I told him I'd either call him or email him this evening with my decision. Can you see me declining this one ? No chance...


Wed 30th July


It was nice to put a voice to the name yesterday when we spoke. I'm pleased to advise you that as discussed on the phone I've checked my bank and I believe I have sufficient funds to assist you in your predicament.

I've checked that the $7,500 equates to almost 4,630 which almost empties my bank - leaving me with about 250. I'm a trusting man so I'll take what you've said in face value. I prefer to deal with people whom I've seen, it's something about their eyes that is genuine.

I've attached a recent picture of me, and would appreciate it if you could return the favour.

I await to hear your instructions.







I wonder if he'll send the same image that I sent him above ?

Wed 30th July.

Dear Sir,

Am in receipt of your mail to me after reading your mail the content was well understood and I thank you
for your effort to see that you help me out of this and I thank you for the picture you send to me, so
please I thanks you so much for the effort you see that you help me out and I know that as you do God we
bless you more than he do before.

And sir after reading your mail I start to be having father feelings again so please I what you to
understand that you are like a father to and I will as well as you a favor and which the favor is can you
allow me to be calling you Dad I will be more than happy if you can accept that from me.

So please I will like you to send the money through western union money transfer so that I will go for the
claims and I will like you to use this name to send the money this is my agent name (IROKA JOSEPH) so feel
free and send it with the name as I told you he don't know why am here and sir I still need this to be confidential till I come over to meet you their.

So please try to open your attachment and find my photo so and try to call me as soon as you receive
this mail.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks and God bless.]



Attached email -

Dear Brother,

Thanks for your mail and I thank you once more for your effort and also for providing the gift items
thanks so much for that, so brother try to get the RADO you ask to check today there is know problem any
one you get will okay, as you know that this need to keep confidential so try to make sure that you keep
all secret as you promise if any one ask you or in any way they ask you in airport why are coming to Dubai
tell them that you are coming for visit but I know that know body will ask you that.

About the weather it is hot but it is not much as they told you like today the temperature is 36 degree but I
know that is know problem with the weather, I have already have a good and cheap hotel for you and I know
that you like to been their so about the hotel there is know problem for that, as you ask about the prize
per day this will cost you ($30usd) per day and it is very good hotel for you to stay.

So brother try to open your attachment file and find my picture so please remember to send my regards to
you fiancie.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks and God bless.










Is that his real name I wonder or just the dodgy ID he has ? I don't fancy the western union approach I think I'll ask to travel to Dubai.





He forwards me an attachment which is basically another email with his photo in it. However the attachment is an email he has sent to someone else with an image of himself.



Ohhh has he been trying to scam somebody - It's even got the original email header attached. I think we've rumbled on another scammer scamming the scammers judging by the email address.




I've sent a note to them anyway warning them that its a scam and to get in touch.




THe picture is so grainy it must have been taken with one of those camera phones.He can't be doing too bad out of this scam then to afford one of them

I'll see if I can get a better picture from him.

Anyone in Dubai know where the photo was likely to have been taken - looks like a lot of boats at the quayside in the background.

I've asked Des Dog if he knows where it is - he think's its the Dubai Creek in the background, he also thinks it may be the Intercon Hotel but he may venture down there and find out.

Wed 30th July


Thank you for your quick response and the photo.

I thought when we spoke yesterday that I would be coming to Dubai to handle the transaction with yourself. I had even started enquiring about flights through British Airways and Emirates who seem to be running very reasonable deals at the moment. I think the war has got a lot to do with the rock bottom prices. I'm more than happy to come to Dubai and actually would like to for a couple of days just to give me a break from work - is there anything I could bring you given your financial circumstances ?

Your photo was a bit grainy - is that boats that are in the background ? It looks like a nice apartment you have with a lovely view. My original request was to get a photo that enabled me to see your facial features. As I believe I mentioned earlier its something about peoples eyes that intrigues me - you don't have a close up of your face as the picture you sent is very very grainy and is not clear.







I'll try and tempt him into me coming to Dubai (again)


A close up would be nice

Thurs 31st July

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your quick response to my mail after reading your mail the content was well understood and
am also happy to see you here in Dubai so please sir, try to make as urgent as so that I will be out from
here as I told you here that things are very hard for me here even to get good food I find it difficult so
please sir try to hasten it up to be here.

Sir since you said that picture is not clear to you I promise I will send to you another one by tomorrow so
that you will see me as you want it.

So please sir, as you said if there is any thing that you have to get financial circumstances to me, so
please I will like you to help me send to me (TWO HUNDRED POUNDS) by tomorrow so that I can be able to
feed fine before you come so please try to send it to me through the name I send to you at the first time so
please help me I will be very happy if you will do that to me and I also thank you for that and also for
your effort in this transaction.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks and God bless.








He's getting hungry - 200 buys alot of meals in Dubai.

Thurs 31st July

I got a reply from the receipent of the email with the photograph above - Tawatchai from Bangkok is also a scammer and was winding him up. He managed to obtain some documents from him which I've shown below.

I'm grateful to Tawatchai for this information.


One thing that Tawatchai advised was that Solomon did have to make 16 International Calls to Bangkok - not exactly a cheap destination to call. :



Thurs 31st July


I currently don't have 200 spare as I'll need money to pay for the travel - I've withdrawn all my savings to assist you. I've already enquired to the airlines and I can get a return flight to Dubai with BA for 460 or with Emirates for 655 !! I think I'll take the BA flight. Do I need a visa or can I just turn up and arrive. How would I get the money to you ? In the post ?

Is there anything I can bring with me apart from the money required to clear the transaction ?

I'm still waiting on a clearer photograph so I can see your eyes.

Hope all is well




Oh yes, I really want to go to Dubai again...will he bite.

Mon 4th Aug


I do hope I find you well.

I've looked at flights and the earliest I can come to Dubai is on Sunday
evening - is this suitable for you ?

I can retrieve the money from the bank on Friday without any problems.

Please advise - can you also provide your photograph as previously



I've got two emails today to my africanscam.co.uk email account from muzaraban@yahoo.com which is is similar to Solomonmuzaraban@yahoo.com which is the email address he's been using. Both emails contained a virus. I replied to both emails but they got rejected.

The virus in both cases was the W32.Klez.H@mm

I wonder if he's been advised that this site exists and checked it out ? So I sent him this to test the waters...

Thurs 7th August

No contact from Solomon apart from the virus emails.

I called his number (listed above) and spoke to someone who bears a remarkable similar accent to Solomon. When he asked who was calling I told him it was Brooke - only then did he start on his previously thought out story.... The jist of it is as follows. (To be said in an African English mutted accent"...."Solomon has gone"....."He has gone to Abu Dhabi"..."He comes here and uses my telephone, this is my telephone not Solomon"..."He has gone".

When quizzed about his location - "Don't know". When quizzed about Solomon's contactability "I don't know".. When quizzed about Solomon picking up his emails "Don't know"... So it went on for about five minutes. He finished with the umpteenth repeat of this is my telephone do not call it again.

My take on it is that someone called him or emailed him with the details of the site which would explain the dodgy emails and the lack of interest from him when he was so close to getting some money. If you were that person - thanks you twat.

So there we are folks - the abrupt end to a good story, yet again I enjoyed following it through but am pi55ed off that someone ticked him off about it. Don't they understand that he's trying to take money from innocent victims ?

I may have to give Solomon a couple of calls randomly to make sure he's still there - perhaps call him and say I sent him an email but didn't get a reply could I check his email address. I'm also off to report his email address to abuse at yahoo so you better be quick.

His current email address is - solomonmuzaraban@yahoo.com and muzaraban@yahoo.com. Why not send him a note explaining what you think of him ? I'll leave it a day or to before I report it.

If you want to call him to tell what you think of him he's on + 971 50 3434 372.